Blog Posts in July, 2015

When and Why to D.I.Y.

When and Why to D.I.Y. We all know one...that guy who can fix anything. We call these guys “Mr. Fix-It” around here. And there have been more than a few times where, although they tried, ...
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A Cozy Community

Stephen King once wrote, “Who gets to be best-liked in any community? Who is the most trusted? Why, the man who does the dirty job, of course, and does it with a smile. The man who does the job ...
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This Disposal Totally ROCKS! (But Not In A Good Way!)

It was unusual for us to hear from a customer needing us so soon after a service call. The garbage disposal we had just installed a few days before had stopped working. Fortunately, it was under ...
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How Can We Make You Smile?

As a business owner, you encounter thousands of customers over the years. And while we are thankful for and love all of our customers, there are always a few that we tend to remember over time. These ...
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REFLECTIONS ON INDEPENDENCE The staff at James Rowe Plumbing is anxious to take a planned long weekend for July 4th, with “planned” always taken with a grain of salt. In this business, you ...


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