Where the Deer and the Plumbing Guys Play

Where the Deer and the Plumbing Guys Play

Being so involved with our business as my wife Mishell and I are, it is hard to imagine working in any other industry other than plumbing. But thinking back, I did have a dream job in mind long before plumbing was on the radar for me and our family business.

My passion, what I really enjoy, is ranching. My father bought a ranch out in East Texas when I was younger, so I remember spending weekends, holidays, and pretty much any free day I could scrape together out at the ranch lending a helping hand. We would herd cattle, mend barbed wire fences, – the whole stereotypical cowboy thing, including eating beans by a campfire. This was before 4-wheelers, so everything we did was on horseback. I always had a vision that I would end up as a rancher and return to that lifestyle, but here I am today as the owner of a great plumbing business.

Who knows, maybe I will still fulfill that vision of working my own hereford or horse ranch one day after Mishell and I retire. I can tend to the animals, and I'll leave the gardening and canning to Mishell. Those are hobbies that she enjoys. And I think I might like sharing her canned peaches around the campfire way more than eating beans.

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