J Rowe Plumbing Inc. Slab Leak Detection in Mansfield and Fort Worth, TX

Slab Leak DetectionThere is so much more to the maintenance of your home than meets the eye. Your house is built on a concrete slab foundation, and beneath that concrete slab are the critical pipes that supply your home with water, and properly dispose of household waste. Should these pipes begin to leak, not only is your foundation at risk of cracking, but you could be looking at serious damage to the ground floors of your home.

Should you detect any signs of a slab leak in or around your home, the time to call a plumbing expert is NOW! CALL US at 817-572-9400.

Cracks in the concrete around your home are a red alert warning to call a plumber immediately, but there are other indications that you may have a slab leak. If your water bill is unexpectedly higher than usual, or if you experience a sudden drop in water pressure within your home, these may be signs of a leak. The longer you wait to solve the problem, the more you’ll pay to fix the water damage to the foundation of your home.

At J Rowe Plumbing Inc., we will dispatch an expert to your home immediately to verify the source and location of the slab leak. We can then complete the repair using the least invasive method.

If you are concerned about a slab leak, don’t delay! Call us for an inspection and estimate so that we can begin the repair of your home immediately.